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Snapscan Modules


  • Online booking

    • Snapscan is the most comprehensive online booking solution for radiology businesses.

    • Our interface adapts for use by patients, referrers, patients using an eReferral, repeats and follow-ups, and internal front desk and contact centre teams.

  • Automated slot management

    • Integrating with your RIS and business logic, Snapscan displays available times based on business rules to maximise utilisation and compliance.

    • Combining business rules, device configuration, and technician rosters, Snapscan presents a unified calendar to users.

    • Snapscan greatly simplifies the booking process for your team as well as patients and referrers.

  • Patient self-management

    • Patients can book without an account, and manage their booking through Snapscan, as well as cancellations, rescheduling and pre-populated forms.

    • Snapscan takes care of reminders, preparation notes, and standard patient engagement until an appointment is completed.

    • Patients can also be presented with their reports and images.

  • Patient portal

    • Snapscan provides a full patient portal as well as simplified self-management.

    • Recurring patients or those who want to make an account can create one with your practice and view their entire history.

  • Patient preparation communications

    • ​Snapscan enables preparation steps to be configured at a business level, or for specific devices and sites. The business logic of sending preparations can be configured to ensure that patients receive appropriate prompts to follow preparation instructions.

  • Patient reminders

    • Snapscan can remind patients of their upcoming appointments, or of additional workflow steps (e.g. completion of a consent form).

  • Patient forms and the online check-in

    • Snapscan features full forms and a form logic module. Patients can be prompted to take triage questionnaires (e.g. ‘do you have metal in your body?’) in order to modify and streamline their booking process—they can also complete forms after booking to prepare for their appointment, (e.g. completion of a contrast consent form).

    • Combining the right forms enables your whole business process at the front desk to be captured in Snapscan, and allowing patients to check-in online.



  • eReferrals

    • Snapscan can receive and process orders, requests, and eReferrals sent via prevailing standards; HL7, FHIR, and even structured PDFs. An API is provided, as well as an integration agent to simplify integration with legacy systems.

    • eReferrals are much more than a receipt—Snapscan transforms eReferrals into booking requests, generating a token that enables patients to book a referral online, with your business logic incorporated based on the eReferral itself.

    • GPs can make a referral with their PMS. This is mapped to your RIS, where patients can choose a time that the relevant exam(s) are available, and the booking process is completed, with the eReferral automatically captured in the RIS.

    • Patients have reported great satisfaction with this workflow, which is proven to increase referral compliance. 

  • Referrer portal

    • Snapscan offers a full referer portal, enabling authenticated referrers to create eReferrals, view the status of patients they have referred, and view reports and images for patients (via PACS integration).

    • Our referral portal serves as a supplement to existing PMS systems in appropriate settings, such as Allied Health and hospitals, where integration with existing systems may not be available.

    • The referrer portal is also an effective channel for enabling non-clinical referrer staff to help clinicians facilitate and complete care without necessarily providing full access to clinical systems.

  • In-report image access

    • Snapscan facilitates branded access to PAS viewers or image stores by embedding authenticated secure tokens into image reports.

    • This relies on RIS integration and enables white-labelling or pre-authenticated referrer portal access via URLs embedded in reports delivered to referrers via traditional means.


  • Online marketing

    • Snapscan has introduced a new concept in online marketing for radiology: conversion-based marketing.

    • Online marketing tools are adept at optimising for conversions, which have traditionally been extremely difficult to measure in a radiology setting. By tying key metrics to successful online bookings, or even completed scans, online marketing can be optimised to drive impressive revenue returns.

  • Integration with existing RIS/PACS system

    • Snapscan was founded on integrating with existing systems, primarily the RIS. We currently have integrations with a dozen commonly used RIS platforms worldwide, and the list is consistently growing.

    • Snapscan integrations are fit to the RIS, where the best integrations are via API, but RPA and database-level integrations are commonly employed to excellent effect.

    • We most likely integrate with your RIS already–get in touch with our team today to discuss integration options.

  • Real-time operational dashboard

    • Snapscan offers an in-built operational dashboard and integration with internal data science teams via database views. We also integrate with common analytics tools (Google Analytics and Facebook) to enable your team to track user behaviour from your website into Snapscan directly.

    • Our thought leadership in radiology and successful collaboration with our largest customers has enabled us to create business-ready dashboards for radiology use, which allows you to maximise the benefit of integrating to your RIS, and helps empower your internal data team.

  • Roster and business rules

    • Snapscan offers a roster module that can supplement traditional roster tools, enabling business logic to be directly implemented and tied to the booking process. Snapscan creates a radiologist and technician skills list, which enables a roster to become an ‘availability filter’, implementing business rules based on resource availability to the online booking process.

    • Our customers often find a benefit in using the system for internal bookings, as well as offering it to patients; staff can be onboarded much faster when the system handles resource-level business logic automatically.

    • Snapscan also has a comprehensive business rules module, which can implement business rules of arbitrary complexity to streamline the booking process. Working hours, exam-level logic (e.g. ‘No abdomen ultrasound after 1200’), and other logic can be implemented to mask availability and ensure only the correct availability is shown to users.

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