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Senior Full Stack Java/Kotlin Engineer

We are looking for someone to join our Sorsix team in our Skopje office as a Senior Full Stack Java/Kotlin Engineer. Our ideal candidate is someone who is quality driven and takes the initiative with their work. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in working in a dynamic and modern environment that supports progress. We work using our Sorsix agile methodology with a modern technology stack based on The Spring Framework, using Java, Kotlin and Angular using TypeScript.


About Us:

Since 2012, Sorsix has deployed its e-health platform known as Pinga; an integrated health information system that has revolutionised the provision and coordination of health care. 


For countries that have integrated Pinga such as Macedonia and Serbia, waiting lists have disappeared within six months, and their systems have doubled their capacity. 


With users in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, Sorsix’s mission is to solve human health.


At Sorsix we only work with great people, because our team is our strength. We have a culture that supports long-term personal and professional growth, where we take care of our people.


A workplace runs on trust and openness, where we trust ourselves to do what we commit to and we trust our team to do the same.


We offer flexible working time and encourage work-life balance. We organise Technical Seminars for knowledge sharing and hold company events where you can have fun and spend time with your team. You will find personal and professional growth and development working at Sorsix with promotion and bonus opportunities. We also offer an internship program and internal training for our employees. 

At Sorsix, we care for our people which is why we offer Private Healthcare Insurance.

You will be working on Pinga:

Pinga is an enterprise-grade electronic health solution that connects healthcare systems from different providers into a holistic platform.

It transforms healthcare by streamlining the ordering and delivery of any and every service – from a patient scan to booking an operation to the issuing of prescriptions. Further, it creates efficiencies by allocating available medical resources, equipment, and specialists so that your entire system – from people to beds – operates at peak efficiency, saving money and ultimately lives. 



Your role has a minimum threshold of the skill level that you must possess for each responsibility. However, we recognise that you will excel in just a few of these skills which we will especially stimulate you to develop through assigning those specific responsibilities and tasks. You will be responsible for the following: 

  • Implementing from scratch or improving domain bounded modules of our Pinga Product under the technical leadership of a Pinga Software Architect.

  • Coding on a day-to-day basis using functional programming in Kotlin and reactive programming in Angular/TypeScript with RxJS and NgRx.

  • Coached by our technical leadership: to write simple code, to do code refactoring when needed and appreciate when you have to erase large chunks of code, to detect completed designs and replace them with clean and understandable code, to implement idea-meritocracy and help us create an environment where the best ideas win, to not be afraid to do mistakes and reflect upon them.

  • Doing code reviews and have code reviews done to your contributions by colleagues (possibly more senior and possibly more junior than you).

  • Implementing unit tests on a daily basis. Our code enables even juniors to be effective close to day 1, and you appreciate and promote high code coverage in business-critical code.

  • Dealing with technical debt on a daily basis and you will schedule a time for paying it off in the regular sprint cycles, no matter if it's your code or not. We are against code ownership and are one-for-all and all-for-one.

  • Doing Relational Database Design and Modern SQL in Postgres so that we solve problems that satisfy the business goals in an optimal way.

  • An Individual Contributor, but be able to mentor more junior colleagues in specific skills. Your technical team lead will be a Pinga Architect with 7+ years of working experience, so this is a very unique opportunity for you and you are ambitious enough to go out from your comfort zone into the unique ecosystem of Health Tech Product Development.


We are looking for:

  • Deep knowledge and experience with object-oriented programming in Java and/or Kotlin

  • Experience in building full-stack web applications

  • Experience with unit testing and testing in general

  • Experience with one modern JavaScript-based web framework like Angular, React, etc

  • Knowledge and experience with relational databases and knowledge of advanced SQL

  • Comfortable with using or learning (if you haven't used them): Functional Programming, Spring Framework (with Spring Boot), TypeScript, RxJS and NgRx

  • Comfortable with practising and promoting coding best practices through regular code reviews and getting and receiving impromptu feedback

  • Fluid in spoken and written English


If you are the person that:

  • Gets things done

  • Demonstrates a high level of teamwork

  • Has a high level of self-management skills

  • Is solution-oriented, then...


Apply now, and indicate the position you are applying for, by sending your CV to 

Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

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