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An e-health centralised operating system transforming global healthcare

Sorsix began the Pinga project in 2012 to develop a national e-health platform from scratch.
Initially deployed in the Republic of Macedonia to serve as a booking platform and national EHR, the Pinga platform has been expanded with a holistic approach to encompass all potential elements of a total public health solution.

Pinga’s impact

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Cloud-based integration
99.99% Uptime
National EHR for Serbia and N. Macedonia
50K+ Daily Users
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Australian and New Zealand clients
Manages care for over 10M patients

"Macedonia is the only country that in one fell swoop abolished waiting times in healthcare in 6 months by making the total number of booking systems open to every GP in the country. Doctors can now book online specialist appointments and X-ray exams with patients sitting across from them."

Arne Bjornberg
Executive Chairman & COO at Health Consumer Powerhouse 

Pinga is fully customisable, allowing you to choose what you specifically need for your business



Pinga’s Inpatient Management Module is used by facilities from 10 beds to 200 beds in size. Ward management, care plans, and many more features are configurable to work with your institution.


Combining a clinic and clinician CRM, CMS, and CPD management; Pinga’s Network Management Module can manage any size of clinical network.


From scheduling of care and delivery, through to patient and referrer portals and engagement features, Pinga manages all aspects of outpatient care.


With invoice management and insurance workflows covering both sides of clinical financing, the Financial Management Module automates clinical financial processing to give you more time for delivery of care.


Providing public access to all national healthcare resources, the Public Portal Management Module displays public information such as clinician availability and holds an intuitive interface for public consumption.


Pinga is built as an integrative system, enabling seamless interconnectivity between applications in the healthcare delivery cycle. A comprehensive API and configurable back allows Pinga to fit into your way of working and connects all your systems into one.

Our Pinga customers

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Transform your heathcare process 

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