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Simplifying the future of travel with the CommonPass app

02 June 2021,  2 min read

The CommonPass application brought together by the World Economic Forum and the CommonTrust Network, will soon be made available for active use for Macedonian citizens.


Skopje, 01/06/2021: In partnership with The Commons Project Foundation, a nonprofit public trust established to build platforms and services, backed by the The World Economic Forum; Sorsix has helped develop the technology for making the CommonPass platform and application available in North Macedonia.


The CommonPass application is available for Macedonian residents in providing a credible display of their Covid-19 status in the context of vaccine administration or their Covid-19 test result; all whilst protecting their data. 

As an application, CommonPass allows users to document their health data related to Covid-19 electronically. This offers quick and easy access to the necessary travel health documents from certified and accredited institutions.


All interested state institutions and licensed laboratories have the opportunity to join the application at the level of accredited and certified institutions through direct, bilateral communication with The Common Trust Network


The Common Trust Network was launched by The Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with a broad voluntary network of public and private stakeholders to help ensure that only verifiable lab results and vaccination records from trusted sources are presented for the purposes of cross-border travel and commerce.


Within the CommonPass application, by registering and reporting to the laboratories and competent institutions, a register of accredited and certified institutions is created, the results of which, after loading in the CommonPass application, will be internationally recognised.


At the same time, the application enables countries to display the conditions and necessary documents for entry into the country, including information on what kind of laboratory tests and vaccines are essential for border crossing. Therefore, each user will have the opportunity when planning their trip to prepare the required health documents related to Covid-19 immunisation and testing. 

When completing the documentation, by scanning the unique QR code from the vaccination certificate or the result of a test, the application will generate a digital health certificate for the user to recognise at all points of entry into the desired destination.


The application itself was created following the latest world regulations for personal data protection. In this context, the personal data of the citizens themselves are treated with the highest level of confidentiality and stored exclusively on the citizen’s device.


Sorsix, under the CommonPass Partner status, will be responsible for the technological and administrative support of the application at the level of its language adaptations, maintenance and technical support for local users. 


"We are pleased to have joined the CommonTrust network, and by supporting this application on the Macedonian market, we are contributing to the global effort to reconnect the world through travel by providing citizens with digital access to their health data which is necessary to enter other countries,” said Sorsix’s CTO and Technical Director, Dragan Shahpaski.


Currently, in communication with the competent state institutions, the registration of accredited institutions and laboratories is in progress. The services necessary for issuing the required documentation can be performed according to the country’s requirements to which one will travel.


All interested citizens can read more information about the application on the site:, or download it via Google Play for Android devices or the Apple Store for Apple devices.

Sorsix achieves Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) secure messaging compliance

29 April 2021, 1 min read

We can proudly announce that we have met requirements put into place by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) as part of the Secure Messaging Industry Offer, for both Pinga and Snapscan.

Pinga v2021.20.0 (expected release 25/06/2021) and Snapscan v21.12.0 (expected release 25/06/2021) will establish the compliant versions of these products, and enable the following new capabilities for our products:

  • Enhanced searching across multiple secure messaging providers by using a federated provider directory service;

  • Interoperability and message exchange with different secure messaging-enabled software products by utilising standardised messages;

  • The ability to securely exchange messages based on current and future Australian encryption standard.

These new functionalities will enable our products to better interface with other providers in the Australian health sector to the betterment of care for everyone. We are excited to work with our current and future customers to provide these functionalities as part of these new releases of our products.


We strongly support the aims of the Australian Digital Health Agency in providing a more standard and more interoperable environment for the Australian healthcare sector. As an organisation, we are wholly aligned with this vision and the power it has to enhance Australia's health system and deliver better care to patients in Australia.


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