Sorsix achieves Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) secure messaging compliance

29 April 2021, 1 min read

We can proudly announce that we have met requirements put into place by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) as part of the Secure Messaging Industry Offer, for both Pinga and Snapscan.

Pinga v2021.20.0 (expected release 25/06/2021) and Snapscan v21.12.0 (expected release 25/06/2021) will establish the compliant versions of these products, and enable the following new capabilities for our products:

  • Enhanced searching across multiple secure messaging providers by using a federated provider directory service;

  • Interoperability and message exchange with different secure messaging-enabled software products by utilising standardised messages;

  • The ability to securely exchange messages based on current and future Australian encryption standard.

These new functionalities will enable our products to better interface with other providers in the Australian health sector to the betterment of care for everyone. We are excited to work with our current and future customers to provide these functionalities as part of these new releases of our products.


We strongly support the aims of the Australian Digital Health Agency in providing a more standard and more interoperable environment for the Australian healthcare sector. As an organisation, we are wholly aligned with this vision and the power it has to enhance Australia's health system and deliver better care to patients in Australia.