The future never goes down

Sorsix builds mission-critical systems for finance, telecommunications and Health Care.

Our systems keep planes flying, banks working, and phones connected. Ten million people live and prosper on our Health Care Pinga platform, spanning three countries.

Sorsix believes in building systems that never go down because lives and businesses depend on them.

The way it's supposed to work

Our view is that we do not have customers – we have partners. Our business only prospers if our partners prosper.

At Sorsix we try to understand what is needed and we believe in open communication – we make sure all project stakeholders know what is going on. We believe in resolving problems before they become crises: our brand is stability and predictability.

On time and on budget

Sorsix delivered a national Health Care Pinga platform for the countries of Macedonia and Serbia, serving over 10 million people cared for by over 100,000 staff who use the Pinga platform daily.

The Serbian system was built and deployed within 6 months and on budget. The system processes over 500,000 Health Care appointments and prescriptions daily and is fully integrated across the entire country.

Be ahead of the future

The solutions we build are aiming to keep our partners ahead of their market and competition. Our enterprise architecture solutions have been lauded at international conferences and we work with the most current technologies, building our own frameworks that advance what the internet and modern hardware can do.

At Sorsix we only work with great people and we only work with the most efficient technologies. We believe that by working with the best, we will always be in a position to assist our partners to remain one step ahead of their competitors – ahead even of the future.

Our clients represent our track record of success and the quality of our work
Our Clients
Haight Street Consultants
Newport Credentialing Solutions
Ministry of health